Welcome to our brand new fitness and health haven!

Discover a fresh approach to wellbeing at our studio located at:

Unit 1b, Tillage Green, West Park Village, Darlington , DL2 2GL 

Fitness for the time-starved

At PLW Fitness we understand the challenges of a hectic schedule. That’s why our fitness programs are crafted for busy people like you—efficiency without compromising effectiveness. Whether you’re squeezing in a quick workout or seeking personalised health coaching, we’ve got you covered.

Air Bike in PLW Fitness Studio Darlington

What Sets Us Apart:

Fresh Approach

Experience a modern, dynamic studio with state-of-the-art equipment.


Located at Tillage Green, our studio is easily accessible for those in West Park Village, Darlington, and beyond.

Tailored Wellness

We prioritise your health, offering a range of services from personal training and fitness classes to nutritional coaching and counselling.

Join us at PLW Fitness, your go-to destination for accessible, effective and enjoyable health and fitness. Let’s redefine wellbeing together!

Join PLW Fitness, where we encourage you to “Talk it out and move it through.” Let’s work together to build a foundation of health that extends beyond the gym, fostering a life of balance, resilience, and vitality. Welcome to a new era of holistic wellbeing!

Studio Gallery

Take a (virtual) look around!

Concept 2 Rowing Machine in PLW Fitness Studio Darlington
Two wall mounted squat racks in PLW Fitness Studio Darlington
Dumbbell and gym equipment storage unit PLW Fitness Darlington
PLW Fitness

Unit 1b

Tillage Green

West Park Village


DL2 2GL 

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