About Us

Welcome to PLW Fitness, where we believe in a holistic approach to your wellbeing.

I’m Paul Woodhouse your guide on this transformative fitness journey.

With a background as a counsellor and psychotherapist, I bring a unique perspective to the world of fitness—one that goes beyond physical health to encompass mental and emotional wellbeing.

Fitness for Health

At PLW Fitness, we view fitness as a gateway to overall health.

Our programs are designed not just to sculpt your physique but to enhance your vitality and longevity.

From tailored workout plans to nutritional guidance, we’re here to support you in achieving your health goals.

Fitness for Mental Health

We understand that a sound mind is the foundation of a healthy lifestyle.

Our approach integrates mental health into your fitness journey.

Exercise has profound effects on mental wellbeing, and at PLW Fitness, we’re dedicated to harnessing those benefits to help you achieve balance and resilience.

The Emotional Side of Behaviour Change

As a seasoned counsellor and psychotherapist, I recognise that sustainable behaviour change involves more than just physical effort.

Addressing the emotional aspects of your fitness journey is key to lasting transformation.

Together, we’ll navigate the psychological landscape, overcoming obstacles and fostering a positive mindset.

Why Choose PLW Fitness?

Tailored Fitness Plans

Customised plans to suit your unique goals and lifestyle.

Mental Health Integration

A focus on mental wellbeing to enhance overall health.

Emotional Support

Leveraging my counselling expertise to guide you through the emotional facets of behaviour change.

Compassionate Coaching

Supportive guidance with a compassionate approach to help you thrive.

Embark on a journey where mental and physical wellness converge seamlessly.

Join PLW Fitness, where we encourage you to “Talk it out and move it through.” Let’s work together to build a foundation of health that extends beyond the gym, fostering a life of balance, resilience, and vitality. Welcome to a new era of holistic wellbeing!

PLW Fitness

Unit 1b

Tillage Green

West Park Village


DL2 2GL 

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