Would you like to build strength, double your confidence, lose weight AND maintain results?

Personal Trainer in Darlington | Paul Woodhouse Personal Training

“I help you minimise the effects of stress, build your dream physique and develop a better relationship with yourself. Without losing the freedom of an active social life.”

I show you:

01. The Process

A clear roadmap of how it’s done. So that you won’t need to bounce around from diet to diet. Follow me and this will be the last time you’ll have to invest money chasing your dream body again!

02. The Mindset

How the mind and your beliefs can either sabotage your progress and keep you stuck or work with you, effortlessly. I can show you how to flip the switch and get it to start working for you.

03. The Commitment

The unspoken commitments needed to expedite your results. Once you’ve cracked this you’ll be amazed.

04. The Progress

The main reason you haven’t felt happy with your progress in the past and the reasons for this that many other fitness professionals aren’t qualified to tell you.

04. The Habits

The non-negotiable habits you will ever need to take full control of your health and fitness

You will be successful if you are dedicated to your fitness journey, willing to make lifestyle changes and find the courage to challenge restricting beliefs.

Stick. With. Me.

As a certified Personal Trainer and Counsellor/Psychotherapist I understand how hard and overwhelming it can be to take that first step.

Even thinking about that first gym session can be daunting. How hard it is to make time for yourself and having the energy to just start. You already have a busy and demanding lifestyle. I get it!

Clothes don’t fit anymore. Feeling lethargic. You’ve tried to change in the past and the last program, gym workout, fast or therapy session just didn’t work. 

It’s soul destroying. I understand…

Congratulations for admitting you need to prioritise your health and making the first steps to change it.
Let’s get the ball rolling!

A lot of people have been in this position and have made a change for the better. Would you like more confidence? 

You will be provided with a tailored health and fitness program that works specifically to your needs. Including:

I’ve helped many people like you discover the best they can be.

People who have been confused by the diet industry. Don’t know where to start or what to do. Had ‘tried before’ and lacked the confidence and skills to make lasting change.

What can you expect to achieve?

  • Improved confidence physically and mentally so you can embrace life’s challenges with vigour.
  • Smashing your personal goals and going beyond what you thought was possible.
  • Substantial body fat reductions resulting in serious measurement drops – fit into your clothes comfortably. Many of my clients will lose a stone during the first phase of coaching. 
  • Healthier lifestyle habits and routines that creates a stress-free life. 
  • Prioritising yourself before anything or anyone else, you are number one after all.
  • Happiness that shows. People will notice the change!

Are you interested?

Book your free, no obligation  Consultation call now.

Stick with me, take direction and you could be looking at a whole new you before you even know it!

During your no obligation call we will discuss & discover:

  • What’s preventing you from starting your journey to become the best version of you?
  • What you want to aim for and how we will get there. Clear objectives to roadmap the process.
  • The main cause that was sabotaging your results before.
  • I’ll map out for you how transformative this journey can be to build confidence, strength and lose weight. Even your viewpoint on life will change.
  • Plus I will give you the 3 biggest things you need right now that have helped people just like you go from feeling lost, lacking time and unhappy to living their best life.

Become the ultimate YOU. The next level YOU!

Become the new you. Start your journey now.