Sunday Summer Bootcamp

8 Week FREE Summer Bootcamp

Join us every Sunday at 9am starting from 9th June at West Park Academy for an invigorating fitness bootcamp designed to boost your wellness and energy levels.

Whether you're a fitness enthusiast or a beginner, our bootcamp is perfect for all ages and abilities.

Increase your metabolism and BURN calories fast

We promise to build your overall strength and cardiovascular endurance in less than 8 weeks and show you why PLW Fitness could be the key to unlocking the best version of yourself!

HIIT Training

Our bootcamp is based on the concept of High Intensity Interval Training (HITT). This allows you to through short bursts of activity to burn more calories in less time

Strength Building

Over the 8 week bootcamp we will provide high quality equipment and guidance to help you build muscle mass and increase your metabolism

Community Ethos

Our bootcamps are all about community. They give you an opportunity to meet and train with other likeminded local people

Don’t let your career, family responsibilities or bad habits get in the way of finding the best version of yourself...

PLW Fitness is a premium and private fitness, nutrition and wellness studio in Darlington. We help high achieving and driven local people feel healthier, happier and more confident.